July 21, 2009

here're the winnerz

did you win!? tho really we should all fill like winners since I'm flying back to UT for Pionneer Day!!!!! Have rilly missed it! The winners of this months's giveaway are.....

  • The Getaway to Homestead Resort in Midway worth $300 courtesy of American Fork Hospital goes to foxyj! The free Girls Night Out at American Fork Hospital on Thurs July 30 will have guest speakers, free screenings, pampering and etcetras so put it on your iphone.
  • The spa day from Prestige Salon & Spa in Spanish Fork goes to Ruthanne who said "Oh please TAMN, I've been studying for the bar (ask JJWT) all summer, and there are only 14 days left and I'm FREAKING the H out!" and three lucky winners who get free haircuts & styles are Beth who said "Oh TAMN! I've been your ebff since the beginning! I hope I win this time!", Renny who said "TAMN, I really need to win. Especially that spa in Spanish Fork, I totally want to smooch a guy with a hot truck." and Marisa who said "I'll take any of it! Kthxbai!"
  • The free shoes from Studio 32 Shoes winner is K. Marie Criddle who said "Yes please yay! Work we must, but the GCs are free!"
  • The darling hippie books from Progressive Pioneer go to madamemama who said "I would love the books or shoes! I'd probably need them mailed because I live here in DC like you!!"
  • The BBQ seasoning set from Shirley J (All Purpose Seasoning, Pizza & Pasta Seasoning, BBQ Seasoning, Beef Slow Cooker/Dutch Oven Seasoning AND Buttermilk Biscuit Mix) is for GladysIcanbee who said "Being a winner would make my Pieoneer day so much better than my 4th of July!"
  • Sophie the Giraffe from Tender Cargo goes to Nathanial and Dorothy who said "Maybe I should just get a job and buy the crap I want. Nahh, I'll just keep entering giveaways and employ my mad positive thinking skills."
  • The haircut & color, Amara Signature Facial & glitter pedi from Ashlee Alex, Master Esthetician at Amara Day Spa goes to Christie Gardiner who said "Will comment for free stuff. ;)"
  • The copy of Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home AND $50 GC to Amazon thanks to Liahona Realtors goes to husby who said "Mailables please!"
  • Annnnd, the Antiquated dress from Shabby Apple goes to hosander who said "Holy smokes TAMN, since you and I are tight like unto a dish, you could totally throw that AF girls night at me, or the dress, but only if they make positive number sizes, I'm still like a bajillion elbees away from negative."
Congrats winners! YAY!!! Email me at seriouslysoblessed at yahoo dot com with your contact info and plz include what you won in the subject line. Everyone else, quit complaining, SYTYCD is on tomorrow!

Love you.


GladysIcanbee said...

I love the tender mercy of being a winner! Thanks TAMN!

Susan said...


RuthAnne said...

This seriously made my day!! You're the best!

Kari said...




Laurie said...

Hosander's elbees just mean there's more of her to love. Heart you!

beth said...

Oh TAMN! I totally smiled when I saw that Beth won, and then did a one-ate-e and frownsmiled when I realized it wasn't me. =[

FoxyJ said...

Wow! We are so excited. I've never won anything this big before. Awesome!

Beth said...

Oh TAMN! Thank you so much! I totally need a new hair style! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Muum said...

ratz. dind't win agin. :(

a frown/smile for sure today.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Wow! You are deeply validated, dude. Thanks so much!

Madamemama said...

Oh wow! I'm so excited!

debbie said...

Rules of the house: you may not make a date with ANYOne on Wednesdays. (SYTYCD,'nuff said.) Thursdays are okay... if... 1.)the guy is super hot, and 2.)he doesn't mind that you call home at 8:57 p.m. to get the results.

Renny said...

I can't believe I won. My life is so much better now.