October 4, 2010

Winsome, loose some.

Oh my gosh you guys! Best. Weekend. Ever. I made cinnamon roles for conference and only ground them up and smelled them so zero calories! Tender mercy! Anywhoo, I betcha you need giveaway closure! Didja win?
  • Remember the THREE 90-minute massages from Cultures Salon?? One goes to Meredith and Jason who said "Oooh, choose me! PLEEEEASE?", one goes to JenniferKaryn who said "TAMN I totally deserve to win a massage and yummy carmel apple lotion!!! I can give it to my husband for a christmas gift so he has lotion to massage me with!!" and one to bonbon who said "Oh my gosh I NEED to win this!"
  • How about those darling slash useful Pillow Ties?? One to Talyn who said "Sadly I live in Heathenville, which is all the more reason to pick me," one to Stacy who said "I'm not a Zionite...but I am the next best thing...an ariZonian!" and one to Elizabeth who said "Oh my gosh I NEED to win this!"
  • A copy of the sharp and hilare NY Times Bestselling PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White to Nicole who said "I know I live in heathenville...but it is only because they need me."
  • A coloring book from Kat Green Store to Lara Updike who said "Tamners- I serioulsy will die if I don't get those GORGEOUS coloring books. My little girl is seriously OBSESSED with coloring and I'm so tired of looking at pictures from UGLY coloring books purchased at Wal-mart (Please don't tell anyone I shop there)."
  • Two free meals to Cafe Rio to Kerry who said "Lots of fun stuff! Maybe I have a chance!"
  • The FHE book "There's No Place Like Home...Evening!" goes to Alexis who said "Totally just got called as an FHE Chairperson in my singles ward... Help me out TAMN so I don't plan boring, spintsy, FHE's!"
  • A spot in a temple portrait class with Poppy Seed Projects to M & G who said "Totally Zionic. Extra Zionic cause I live in Provo and go to BYU, ya know? So yes I deserve it," and the advent calendar goes to Brooke who said "I put winning on my vision board and I'm really visualizing winning something today. It's how I do 'faith'."
Wooooohooooo! Winners, email your contact info to me at seriouslysoblessed at yahoo dot com w/ what you won in the subject line, and everyone eltse, AREN'T YOU SOOOOO EXITED FOR FALL AND BOOTS AND SCARVES!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!!


Hizzeather said...

I have a seriously pouty face right now...I didn't win ANYTHING!

Sarah said...

wait a second. are you saying that you SNORTED the cinnimon rolls??????

BUB said...

It's about time you got your new fall banner up! I looooove the bird wearing the witch hat. Sooooo adorable.

Sarah said...

I am seriously so bummed. I didn't win AND I don't have any boots. No exclamation points for me. Boo.

Sarah said...

Um, I couldn't find my name. Where is it? This is such a trail!

debbie said...

Love fall boots and scarves. Don't love the hayfever!

Leah Rimsey said...

Loosely speaking, this is a winsomely written post. You are truly a cinnamon role model!

Lindsay Maxfield said...

TAMN I smell a rat. It looks like winners bonbon and Elizabeth posted the same winning entry: "Oh my gosh I NEED to win this!"

Hope this is just a C&P error and not that somebody would be DISHONEST on CONFRINCE WEEKEND!!