December 18, 2008


rULeS: aNsWeR tHe quEstIonS wItH OnE wOrD oNLy!!

Were is your cell phone? shineypurse
Were is your significant other? myheart
You're hair color? multi
You're favorite thing? lurve
You're dream last night? darling
You're life dream/goal? permadorability
The room your in? PB!
You're hobby? stampin'

You're fear? chubs
Where do you want to be in 6 years? 19,000sqft
Where were you last night? PARTAY
What your not? Laaaame
One of you're wish list items? evenhigherhilledboots
Where you grew up? HAVEN'T! (lol)
The last thing you did? lipglossapplication
What you are wearing: modestight
You're TV? ginorm
You're pet? teensy
You're computer? awesome
You're mood? EXCITED
Missing someone? feti
Something your NOT wearing? properlysizedgarments
Favorite store? All!
Your summer? Tan!
Love someone? oober!
You're fave color? brite
When is the last time you laughed? always
When is the last time you cried? justbearly
Your significant other's hair: haphazardly-pointy

You're life in one word: KICKA!

Now it's you're turn! You can just pick one and do it in the comments if your to busy to do the hole thing.
I was definately way to busy but I made time bc I CTR when told to keep a journal.


Allison said...

TAMN you never answered the "something your not wearing"- I can tell you what I am not wearing- SOCKS. I refuse, even though it's like, minus a million today. I just always like to have a picture perfect view of my purty perfect toes- I know you understand!

Seriously, so blessed! said...

Fixed it! :)

Allison said...

OMH! TAMN We are samies! That was my #2 answer- seriously, I haven't had the right size since like, forever... They size them way too big anyways :)

Anonymous said...

One of you're wish list items: replacementbiggerweddingringtoreplacemyalreadybiggerreplacementring

(That IS one word, butt the line is two short. Lamer!!)

Rendy Tucker said...

I hafta post cause I'm near the top.

Where is your cell phone? Bumpocket (for super-fast textability)

Victoria Elder said...

"permadorability" love it! TAMN everything you say is doctrine to me!

Amy B. said...

"properlysizedgarments"...LOVE IT!

You're the Best TAMN!!!

Kiersten White said...

I'm going more for permabhorability. Can't be as cute as you, might as well give up trying, right? Oh, TAMN. At least knowing you exist makes life a little less dreary for all of the rest of us frumparifics.

Mysticnocturne said...

Were is your cell phone? purse
Were is your significant other? myheart
Your hair color? multi
Your favorite thing? family
Your dream last night? forgotten
Your life dream/goal? celestial
The room your in? main
Your hobby? reading
Your fear? deployment
Where do you want to be in 6 years? overseas
Where were you last night? YW
What you're not? Laaaame
One of your wish list items? wrap
Where you grew up? HAVEN'T! (lol)
The last thing you did? blog
What you are wearing: jeans
Your TV? flat
Your pet? plants
Your computer? notebook
Your mood? cozy
Missing someone? mom
Something you're NOT wearing? earrings
Favorite store? online
Your summer? fun
Love someone? oober!
Your fave color? blue
When is the last time you laughed? heidi
When is the last time you cried? awhile
Your significant other's hair: military
You're life in one word: KICKA!

Salt H2O said...

TAMN, Good thing you fixed it- that was best answer of the post!

Sara Ann said...

Random question, does JJWT wear a CTR ring as a wedding ring so he can always remember that he chose the right person? Soooo cute!! If he does not, he should repent..

the W* family said...

'Properly sized garments'... you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

When is the last time you laughed? NowanditwasLOLing

Jessica said...

Permadorability. You're amazing.

Christine said...

HAhahaha! Perfect answer! Love it.

Madame Palmkey said...

YouknowwhatIreallylike? Howyouinterpretedthedirections

Some cute one's you could add:
Wall Decor: Vinyl
Nails: Vinyl
Top Priority: Makingginormousringshine
Favorite Acronym: JJWT (JustjealousofhisweddingtoTAMN)

Favorite Miamaid activity: Puffpaintingpremadequilts

Least Favorite Acronym: DTD (dudethatsdisgusting, daintythoughtsdear) I call mine my GGL -- grodeygynolady.

Favorite bite of food: CHEESECAKE!

Favorrit place: TEMPLE (groundstakingpicturesofmyselfandmymunnybunny)

Also I don't think you should call it tagging because it makes me think of that guy body spray so a lady putting on tag could probably make you pregnant or grow a beard or something. I call it spritzing. SPRITZ!

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

May I ask what permadorability means?

Jayci said...

You're answer to what you're not wearing? Hilarious (yet, kinda sad) and something that is oddly enough a normal thing for a lot of women LDSers. But please explain, it that wrong? & what's the reasoning behind that?

Johnny Metropolis said...

Q: When is the last time you cried?

A: everytimeIreadthisblogandwhenGoosediedonTopGun!

Rach said...

Wait, you have a teensy pet!?!? WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS TEENSY PET?

Unknown said...

I dream of have such an exciting life as your tamn. Hopefully I can CTR when it comes to aspiring a righteouss life!!!

Unknown said...

I dream of have such an exciting life as your tamn. Hopefully I can CTR when it comes to aspiring a righteouss life!!!

Cheri said...

how long have you been crying like a bear???


Amy B. said...

Johnny M...

OMH...I cry whenever Goose dies too! And, everytime I read this blog...Maybe we were twinners in the beforelife?

Token Asian Friend said...

You are blogging in Pottery Barn ( presumably on your iPhone) and your cell phone was in your shiny purse? How many cell phones do you need?!? Are you really on the phone that much that you need a backup cell phone?

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Who is Goose and why does Goose die so much?

Kerry said...

Do you think TAMN's in an ACTUAL pottery barn, or just in a room of her house that LOOKS like it's from a PB catalog? I mean, both are likely. She's so unique and adorable like that.

Your summer: Pal.

Trent!? said...

MY significant other has haphazardly pointy hair, too!!

Trent!? said...

i mean, in a cute way.

Amy B. said...

Sam the Nanti-SARRMM...

Goose from Top Gun...DUH?!?!
Sorry for the downers answer but rilly? Or, maybe you don't member Top Gun cuz u're too young...and maybe I'm too old! Blah!

Rachel said...

You're pet: FATTY.

My cat is seriously overweight, tryeen to get her to loose wait but it's not workeen! my own personal Yvette. the boy kitties don't like fatties, ya know...

[Shoot that made me sound like a crazy spinsty cat lady :P ]

AS Amber said...

Sam, Goose is from Top Gun. And permadorability is to be permanantly adorable!
TAMN, seriously, you're so dang freakin funny! And I love your Christmas letter, too! So HILARIOUS!

My significant other's hair: superhotandthickandsexy

The other me said...

one word I would have on a TAMN T-shirt. WHATSOEVER!

LJ said...

Were is your cell phone? plaidpurse
Were is your significant other? hospital
You're hair color? brown
You're favorite thing? nuzzling
You're dream last night? forgot
You're life dream/goal? kids
The room your in? office
You're hobby? knitting
You're fear? widowed
Where do you want to be in 6 years? pregnantagain
Where were you last night? couch
What your not? skinny
One of you're wish list items? iPoddockingstation
Where you grew up? AZ
The last thing you did? typed
What you are wearing: marshmallowcoat
You're TV? fuzzy
You're pet? none
You're computer? work's
You're mood? apathetic
Missing someone? husband
Something your NOT wearing? eyeshadow
Favorite store? B&N
Your summer? short
Love someone? yep
You're fave color? red
When is the last time you laughed? morning
When is the last time you cried? Tuesday
Your significant other's hair: brown
You're life in one word: perfect

kris said...

You slay me, man. SERIOUSLY.

kris said...



LauraLuv said...

Wish list Item: Tiffanys!!!!!

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Well thank you for informing me of Top Gun.

I teared over when I found out that the Ent-Wives (the wives of the huge talking trees) in Lord of the Rings had died. Now that is some sad stuff.

Libby said...


Oh, how I love this blog.

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

When is the last time I laughed? When I read "properlysizedgarments." Holy crap, I laughed so hard I need to go change my not-so-properly sized garments myself, if you catch my drift. =)

SuddenlySouthernCyndi said...

I must jump on the bandwagon here with my agreement on the hilariousness of properlysizedgarments, and besides, who decides what's "proper" anyway--don't we decide what's proper for ourselves? Oops, my bad!

Andrea - said...

Where you grew up? NeverNeverLand

Andrea - said...

Where you grew up? NevaNevaLand

Allison said...

TAMN Just wondering- did you include a super cute, matchy matchy photo of you, JJWT and the feti in your Christmas mailout this year??? I know those of us that haven't gotten ours in the mell yet would loooove to at least see the pic!

Shari said...

Were is your cell phone? who knows ?
Were is your significant other? on a plane
You're hair color? multi of course
You're favorite thing? diet coke/pepsi
You're dream last night? didn't sleep long enough to dream
You're life dream/goal? to not have to have diet coke/pepsi to survive
The room your in? padded one
You're hobby? changing diapers
You're fear? chubs too
Where do you want to be in 6 years? hawaii
Where were you last night? not hawaii
What your not? chubs or in hawaii
One of you're wish list items? a new/used car
Where you grew up? boonies
The last thing you did? read your blog
What you are wearing: none of your beeswax
You're TV? huh?
You're pet? ewww
You're computer? dinasaur
You're mood? sleepy (diet coke anyone?)
Missing someone? sister
Something your NOT wearing? again, none of your beeswax
Favorite store? Anthro of course
Your summer? Not in hawaii
Love someone? Your nosey

You're fave color? pink
When is the last time you laughed? 2 seconds ago
When is the last time you cried? 3 seconds ago
Your significant other's hair: what hair?
You're life in one word: Interesting

Jennifer said...

I can't write anything as funny as yall... HILARIOUS!

Dorothy said...

I'm wondering - are you afraid of getting chubby or chubby people?

Sadie said...

I 100% officially love you now! "what your not wearing?" CAN THAT EVEN BE MORE HONEST AND FACTUAL OF ABOUT 90% of ALL LDS WOMAN UNDER 50????????? (in utah) LUB U!!!

Erika said...

As a non-Utard LDS, I'm confused by the G's thing. Do you wear them to big or too small?

Kemi said...

Utard. Now I'm LOL-ing.
('Cuz I totally am from Utah.)


Sue said...

Erika, I bet you REALLY love this blog! It is hilarious and mormons making fun of mormonism is something we have too little of. The G ? We are 'spose to wear them to our knees and the sleeves capped. However, many 5'10"ers wear "petite" sizes to shorten them for the styles, or large so they can be tucked. Not nice but it's done and Tamn is so funny to bring it pointedly to our attention. I laugh and laugh and then say, "Hey! is that ME?"

Erika said...

No, no I'm totally LDS, just not a Utard, so you see I'm outta the loop on the latest trends. Just trying to keep up ya'll. (Thanks Sue)