June 15, 2008

i'Ve bEen taGgEd!

1.Who eats more? Him for sure! I am trying to loose weight so I mostly just eat salads, except I have a GINORMOUS weakness because I'm a chocoholic.

2. Who is taller? Him. He is really buff and way tan.

3. Who is smarter? Depends on what. I'm hair smart, he's business/law/medical/dental smart.

4. Who is more stubborn? We both are SO stubborn!

5. Who is more clean? Well, we are both clean, and have really white teeth.

6. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Him for sure! I wear cute skirts and dresses and am saving up for laser hair removal because I am way sick of shaving.

7. What do you like to do together? We like to go on cruises and attend sporting events. Sometimes we like to take pictures of ourselves eating various meals and then blog about them for no apparent reason.

8. How did you meet? Well, it feels like we have known each other FOREVER, but we met through some mutual friends (love ya Kyle and Alli!)

9. Who asked who out first? He totally asked me, and I had a cute new haircut and a darling shirt on so LIKE he could resist.

10. Who kissed who first? (lol) I made him kiss me...I hinted like crazy but then he finally did and there were fireworks and it has been nothing but passion ever since. Hi cutie!

11. Who proposed? Duh! He did! And I was totally surprised. We had already decided to get married 3 months earlier and had told everyone we knew that we were basically engaged and I had picked out the ring myself that I designed when I was in 8th grade and I already had my dress. But I didn't see it coming AT ALL.

12. Favorite things: I love purses, tans and step aerobics!

Now, I tag YOU.


Mar said...

So glad it's been nothing but passion ever since.

mommy dearest said...

I have been giggling all day between my super fun activities. Seriously the internet is spawning these narcisistic Mormon princessis like faster than fungi.

mommy dearest said...

sorry i can't spell princesses

AzĂșcar said...

You are my new favorite.

Nemesis said...

I'm dying. When do we get pictures???

Jenny said...


b. said...

are you related to my husband?

i i eee said...

SERIOUSLY, so great!

b. said...

Could you put Bubbly on your playlist?