June 21, 2013



Thought of you today. It's seriously INSANE to think I blogged my first blog FIVE years ago! HOW HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG??? Love that it's long enough ago and that nobody does it anymore that me doing it right now is basically vintage.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi and share a couple things that will suprise the heck out of you. Ready!?

Tridger is seriously ALL BOY and Alivyiah is such a DIVA and Brogan is still sleeping like a CHAMP and they never get sick because oils, we're building a new house AGAIN which the planning is like a fulltime job I swear. With that and pinning and girls camp and Costco, things are CRAZY.

Just wanted to pop in and say miss you, love you, best 5 years of my life, guys.

January 21, 2011

worse then death


JJWT is looking for a new even kickA-ier job. Bc he is such a grown up and hates fun and me being happy, he is worried people will find this by google'ing us.

{what? Aren't there like a BRILLION Jordan/Jason/Wes/Taylors who went to law/biz/med/dental school and married Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicoles???}, sooooo, he's putting the other shoe down and said no more.


I'm not even sad for me I'm sad for you!

Your going to miss the crap out of me!! How will you know what to wear? How will you know how to be? How will you know what's cute vintage and what's ug?? You won't even get to point and laugh at Ruth w/ me!! You won't even get to see Derek's wedding! You won't even get to see Lynzii and I's fight til the bitter end! You'll never know what my new calling will be! What if I chop my hair and you don't even know about it???????? You won't know if Yvette ever manages to get married or how fast JJWT's yet-to-be-formed juice co takes it to the next level! What will you do w/o my oversharing??? You won't get to see Alivyiah TreCole and Tridger Kaegrin's aMaZiNg birthday parties, you won't get to see my daily darling design inspiration, you won't know what to buy or covet or tantrum over and worst of all...

you won't get to meet Brogan, who will be born in May.


Luckily I've got the sneaky feeling there're about ninety hundred blog's totally inextinguishable from mine to keep you going thru the hard times.

Thanx for reading, for realsies.

Farewell, my e-BFFs, till we meet again in that great anthropologie in the sky.

December 10, 2010


This is starting to get scarry!!! I am still seriously so blessed and way happy, just freaking out. JJWT just said all these things aren't 'neccessities' now that he is temporarily between jobs:
  • my kitchen remodel!
  • all my Christmas wishlist's!
  • the nicer ipad i need!
  • my entire New Year wishlist's!
  • my half-birthday cruise!
  • all the boot's I got my heart set on!
  • he even forbidded me to go to any of my friends home-based business parties.! I can't go to any of them! ALL WEEK!
  • all of this month's craft shows, maybe next month's to!
  • hcg!
  • anthro!
  • all new scrappin' supplies, off limits!
  • the next Brian Regan concert!
  • the internet!
  • and worse of all, girl time unless it's free! {is that even a thing!?}

December 7, 2010

the sky is literally falling

You guys, I do NOT say this lightly but am seriously ready to swear and cry and just take off my boots in dispair! Just don't understand why life keep's throwing rotten lemons at me. Even typing this gives me a serious bummer but this is my journal, and you do exist to validate me, so here goes everything.

deep breathe~ing...

JJWT just

got laid off
got fired
got let go
was terminated

moved on from his kickA dream law/biz/med/dental job. This means he is currently as of yesterday pre-employed.

Shrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriek out NOT in a good way!!!! As in this does NOT normally happen to hotties. I kept my end of the deal by not getting fat!!! Hubby's part is to be loaded!! That is doctrine!!!!! If even WE have a problem these MUST be the last days!!!!!! Why are the economies so mean??

This is seriously effecting me and my needs. My worse nightmare's all the sudden coming true: not only did I gain my first pregnancy pound today, also JJWT is getting all boring and serious and acting like wants and needs are "different" and it is getting wierd. It's like I don't even know him anymore!! He's talking crazy, like, might not even let me go to fetal photo's this week and could end up not waiting til the actual doctor appt to find out what we're having, sad. What is this, the great repression??? next thing you know I'll have to shop at thrift stores instead of just thrifting there.


December 3, 2010

my roots

Bad news: my great-grandma just died, which sucks.

I had a hair appointment this weekend and
those are super hard to reschedule.

Why me?

November 30, 2010


Guys it's bin forever since I blogged, what the heck??? I know! So bad! Am way behind! Sorry for overload, let's play catchup!

gEnEraL TAMNeRs uPdAtE's

  • Giving thanx: Made a ginormous list of stuff I'm greatful for that'll really startle you with how cutely it mixes deep w/ dumb, like for ex, super greatful for book clubs, cute bra's, the atonement, pebble ice.
  • Thanxgiving it's self: Going to JJWT's house was half fun half bummer, fun bc I had the cutest boots on, bummer because poor Alivyiah and Tridger had to act interested in Ruth's baby and it's big bald head so finally I pretended to be sick so we could go to my actual family's house, which was way funner, then me and my mom made pie's while the boy's used big words, lol.
  • Snoowwwwww! Wow! JJWT is getting a TON of chances to use our shiney new snow blower. Wish that hunchback widdow next door would get out of bed and shovel hers, it looks so lumpy and gross next to our super neat one. Ever heard of self reliance?
  • This reminds me, aren't people who still have to shovel just sad? People who don't marry people who work as hard as my hubby so they don't have as much as me just brake my heart :(
  • The Big Game is my megafave bc AngelNougat stays outta my way while I make my e-wishlist and Alivyiah and Tridger play Wii, which reminds me, in case your prolly already shopping for me, just a head up, same Christmas policy as last year:
am only giving handmade, only accepting store boughten, {don't forget gift receipts :) }

November 19, 2010

you're emails: from TAMN's inbox, part 6 or something

As always, these emells are 100% real.

HOW COME PPL SEND ME MEAN EMAILS WHEN I'M PREGGO??? I mean, honestly, if you don't love something, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

Unless your me in which case it is NOT being mean, I just call it like I see it so it's more like open and authentic, not a meanie. But Seriously, get a load a these meanies, and to a darling preggo no less!

I don't know you but I can't resist chiming in, since besides being 2 obnoxious things -- skinny and selfish -- on top of that you are guilty of one of my biggest pet peeves: the term is pregnant. Not preggy. Not preggo. Not preggers. PREG. NANT. Is it that hard? You are not five. STOP SAYING PREGGO.

{gasp of hore} Honestly? Want to know of MY pep peeves? People who DON'T say preggo. Seriously, the term "pregnant" is only used by frumpagrumps. I am darling and there for I say preggers or preggo, end of story.


What is wrong with you? Endangering your unborn by doing a cleanse while pregnant? Don't want to be a helicopter so you don't discipline your kids and let them run around doing dangerous things and endangering the property of others? Stealing by pretending to buy stuff for some club decorations for a party then keeping it yourself? Have you been tested for a mental disorder? Seriously?

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Defiantly just jealous you didn't think of all those awesome idizz first, huh? Maybe I should offer her a dill on the essential oils I just started selling, to help her destress.

No offense but the only people who are against cleanses are tubbalards, and it's not that I don't discipline, its just that
my babies need freedom to discover boundaries.