July 5, 2010

the 4rth + winnerz

Hi everybody!! This 4rth was a bummer bc I super missed last year when my darling brother Derek came into town but yet it was also the best ever because we went to nine BBQs and parades and JJWT and me dressed up Livs and Tridge all matchy matchy took some DARLING pics of them holding sparklers. Fireworks and toddlers are the best!

Did you win?
  • The $100 worth of waxing at Cultures Salon goes to Lorelei who said, "I have a good feeling about this one. God wants me to be hairless except for my head!" Remember, if your not local they'll send you a VIP hair removal kit. YAY!
  • The Marriott Tots Travel Too package is for Jenni who said "Pick me. It makes me laugh that you still have your tickers on this thing--just like some people I know... :p"
  • The $50 GCs to The Matching Tie Guy go to Mama Bear who said "no fair! i clicked "publish" and the page jumped and i became anonymouse. it's me, TAMN, i'm here!" and The Cunninghams who said "I've got the best feeling about this one..."
  • The two tickets to Willy Wonka at the Scera Shell Theatre go to Emily who said, "Help a spinsty out. How will I ever be RIGHT-chiss and hot enough to get a hubby half as studly as JJWT if I don't win?" Maybe Em'll take a date to this and end up with a life worth living! You never know!
Winners, email me at seriouslysoblessed at yahoo dot com with what you won in the subject line! HOPE YOU HAD THE HAPPIEST 4RTH! HURRAY MERICA!