August 14, 2008

calling all besties!!

Materialism makes me cry.

Nice degree!

The DTD freaks me out.

I need a mini personal vaycay.

Those are all reader suggestions for hot new tees and guess what, it's time to stop FREAKING OUT about how much awkward hottie Mikey Phelps eats (TWELVE THOUSAND calries?? A DAY?? ew ew ew!! I don't even eat that in a month...blechy!) and submit your OWN idea for the next TAMNers-inspired t-shirt, either in the comments or electro-mail to seriouslysoblessed at yahoo dot com. The winner gets their own free one AND lifetime bragging rights not to mention the personal satisfaction that comes from being both darling and hillarious. BAAA!! Love you too!


Miranda said...

A maternity shirt that says "Preggo My Egg"

Miranda said...

I mean "Preggo my Eggo"

kris said...

HAHA!! The DTD one is genius.

for a guy's shirt:

"You're nice, but could you TAMN it up a little?"

Janelle said...

I heard that Mikey eats 18000-20000 calorie a day.

How about "I heart modest bikinis"?

rachael said...

"Wanna nuzzle?"

If that's too risque, the materialism makes me cry is good and I would totally wear the mini personal vaycay one. You are one funny girl.

Jessie said...

"Greatful to be considered for RS Prez!"

Make sure it's powder blue (pink is OVER) and super super tight.

Hizzeather said...

ha ha...somthing that starts with "Oh my..." and then enter a random word, like meltdown, cheesecake, photosynthesis, whatever. I shouldn't make fun of that, because I say that all the time. In fact, I think I started that annoying trend. But I'm really humble about it, of course! Oh my awkward!

Hizzeather said...

That's a good one Jessie! I think it would be funnier to campaign for someone else though, so people don't think you're serious. You should do a "Vote JJWT for Elder's Quorum President!" shirt! It'll still have to be blue and super tight though! :)

Ryan and Cecily said...


Adam and Kristina said...

How about, "Are you single? It might be because you're a brunette. Sad."

I'm sure no one would be offended by that.

Merzy said...

I like the "Oh my _____!" or the I Heart Modest Bikinis.

No, I HEART those ideas!

Mattie said...

there's gotta be a shirt about Yvette (Spinsty)!!!

Poor Yvette.
Cheer Up Yvette, Your Friends With Me!
I went from a Yvette to a TAMN just by visiting

Somebody clever come up with something...I dont need the glory, I just want a hilarious Yvette T-shirt to buy!!

kristen said...

how about "i heart marshmallow guns"

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Another vote for "Preggo my Eggo."

kristen said...

or "i'm off diet coke"

cheri said...

I'M OFF DIET COKE! Genius! I also like the Yvette idea, and I think a plain old

"Poor Yvette."

would be hilarious.

Kayce said...

Another vote for Preggo my Eggo, and new votes for "What adorable knowledge," and "My bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump," but the last one for sure needs to be a maternity shirt I really need cutsie gifts for my preggo friends from their spinsty friend.

Jamie said...

"bite me"
I heart edward.

samiandcase said...

all of these are so funny.
i love the "you're nice and all but could you TAMN it up a little?"

i love all the "yvette" ideas too

sharen said...

How about a prego shirt "hottest fetus ever!" I also love "what adorable knowledge"

SRA said...

I heart my young womens (or young womenz)

Renee said...


EW! Sinning is the worst!

If it weren't for the pioneers, we wouldn't even HAVE a Gateway.

Julie said...

Something involving GNOs!!! Like
GNOs rock my socks!

AzĂșcar said...


Sara Ann said...

Ha ha! Hottest Fetus Ever, that is great, I would totally wear that!

The Raybould Family said...

How about a really baggy shirt that says,

"I'm a frumpy hott mess"

So I can wear it every day someday when I'm prego and when I'm trying to get rid of the post baby weight and when I really am feeling like a frumpy hot mess.

Lisa said...

MThis one is for hubbys. aybe it would work out better on a reminderband


Robert & Leigh said...

My oven has a bun in it!
I'm preggo, weird I know

I totally need one of these shirts, NOW! I'm only going to be preggo for one more month... But being the good wife that I am, more seed will plant the gardenbed in years to come.

Logan & Kelly said...

I am wetting my pants over "Hottest Fetus Ever!" It makes me want to be pregnant so I can wear one!

brie said...

What about "Talk about a tender mercy!"


"Betting: it's practically porn."

Oh and PS - what up with the Chinese gymnasts? Are they toddlers or teenagers? It's anybody's guess, but I still think they're practically fetuses.

Skipper said...


Ariel said...

another vote for "poor yvette."!

Lindsey said...

what does DTD mean?

Ariel said...

oooh or maybe one for all the single ladies: "i have a darling mom". :)

Reggs said...

"How do ugly people fit into the plan?"

Dave said...

I vote for:

"I'm nourishing a righteous seed in my fertile gardenbed"

Vicki said...

How about "Hot SAHM" or "I heart BUNCO" or maybe, "This is what happily ever after looks like"

Peggy said...

I think a simple "Angel Loaf" would suffice!

Dave and Catherine said...

The maternity shirt ideas rock my socks!

Also, what about
"Blessings are the BEST!"
"Shriek out!!!"
Or "Don't talk to me, I'm on my (.)"

Hizzeather said...

DTD = "Down There" Doc, aka Gyno (ewwww!) :)

Lindsay said...


Lisa said...

"I heart thelypmics and mikey phelps!" or "my JJWT is an 8 gold man just like mikey phelps!"

Jill said...

I am FP free

My mom is hot

I heart lipsmackers

I am a law/business/medical/dental school widow

totally cute + totally fun = totally adorable!

Peaches said...

"Do not let it stay, unless it is a Frownsmile-Duh!"
"Frownsmiles make me happy"
"Yvette+EC=Seriously so Blessed!!"
"A marvelous J-TAM is about to come forth" (with arrow pointing to supper cute prego belly)
"Yvette=Sadest/EW/Boring life EVER!"
"It's not a lie if it catches the guy"

Good luck You seriously rock TAMN!

Valerie said...

High maintenance girls give me SUCH a ginormous headache.

The Harris' said...

"Phelps is my eternal companion."

Peaches said...

I actually came up with something waaay better for the frownsmile thing, so I would like to correct my mistake/oops/mess-up

"I heart frownsmiles"

molly mormon said...

my votes go to (in order of how much i think they're amazing):

•poor yvette
•i need a mini personal vaycay
•materialism makes me cry
•what adorable knowledge
•jjwt for eq prez!

also, maybe you could sell us like, framed copies of the very personal and specially sacred poems you write to jjwt, and print them on that totally artistic photo you took eight trips to hawaii ago of your adorable (and skinny!) footprint in the sand. that pic is seriously so spiritchul and would bring out the sacred-love-ness of the poems even more and then we could feel that totally amazing spirit in our very own condo/townhouse/mini-mansions.

and ps, bunko was so fun!! i loved wearing my angel-bundt-cake's novelty belt buckle with my modest bikini and giant cowboyboots and hearing all about how great it is to be preggo!! totally made me forget all about me and frostedangel's years of infertility!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!

SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem said...

Maternity shirt:

You already squoze it -
hands off!

ukyankoz said...

I can't come up with new ones - I'm so lame! But I like these:

'Nice degree!'
'I Heart _____'
'Oh my hotness/cuteness/whatever'
'JJWT for EQP!'
and another vote for 'Poor Yvette'

Heart you! I'm totally buying a shirt!

Ally said...

I am not a Polygamist, but my Sister Wife is.

You are my Token Fat Friend.

Megs said...

nice degree!

Irelan Family Blog said...

Mommy loves Bunco!

Erica said...

The obvious answer is

"Seriously So Blessed"

Then there are my other faves....

"saddest/most boring life ever"

"If only he knew about the Plan"

"I'm hair smart"

"proper use of comma's somehow eludes me"

"He's WAY Spiritchal"

"My future kids will probably be gifted"

nicole said...

"Mommy loves Bunco; Baby loves Orville"......pregnant or not, I almost
wet myself reading that....and I was at WORK! :)

JMadd said...

I think you should make one that says "I've only eaten prenates, Orbitz and lite microwave pawcorn for the last 3 days"

4 My Eyes Only said...

A bigger fan than I you can knot find, but you do have your haters and I think you should let them have their say.

How about, DAMN TAMN

jzmit5 said...

I wish you were as blessed as me

Bunco nite at Cheesecake!

Wanna lose weight while preggers? Ask me how

Follow me to Gateway

I heart themes

Lili said...



I heart my husband's future job

My life is a kick-A fairy tale

fro-yos: like cocaine, but cheaper, legal, and not against the plan.

Individual thought is kind of beyond me

JJWT has broughten sexy back


My favorites of those listed so far are:


How to ugly people fit into the plan?

Angel Loaf

materialism makes me cry

and the poineers/gateway one is good,

And the modest bikinis one

But "Where's my JJWT?" is I think my very favorite (which is already a super-cute modestly tight teeshirt)

A STAR is born said...

2 cute
+2 be
=4 gotten

"Hot N' Humble"
"I would be ungrateful if..."
"Without a shadow of a doubt"
"Are you one of the 3 Nephites?"
"Merica rocks!"
"Queen of Church"
"My fetus can beat up your fetus"

I'll be back with more suggestions...This is the best day of my life.

K-wonder said...

How about "So hot even a hairy spider couldn't resist!"? That's one of my favorite lines from this blog ever.

Jules Holbrook said...

You should just do one that says:


Jen~e said...

"luckily I happen to be in tune"

there are some awesome/amazing/inspired ideas but for reals the best would have to be ... hottest fetus ever! Because you know it is... its a product of TAMN & JJWT duh!

J.R. and Tammy said...

I heart my hotness!

J.R. and Tammy said...

I love "hottest fetus ever!" So funny!

Sarah said...

I love:
Poor Yvette
"You're nice, but could you TAMN it up a little?"
"I'm a frumpy hott mess"
I need a mini personal vaycay
"Talk about a tender mercy!"
I am a law/business/medical/dental school widow
"luckily I happen to be in tune"
nice degree!
I heart my husband's future job

Could you maybe make them all and then I could buy them all? Thanks.

Oh, and maybe you could do something like:

GNOs kick trash!

J.R. and Tammy said...

How about "I heart my EC!"

Stephanie said...

My greatness is only surpassed by my humility

Trophy Wife

Love all the other ones though! Wish I were preggers again so I could wear one of those cute preggo ones!

Katie said...

(with a pic of cheesecake above it)
Just Say No!!
Extra ell-bees = No,No,No!!!


I heart FF-SS-FroYo!


How to Make an Angel Loaf
8 sessions at a local tanning bed
1 totally sexy fohawk
2 gi-nor-mouse pectorals like mikey phelps
3 years down in law/med/dental/biz skool
1 10mpg lifted truck
A pinch of Dr. Pepper chapstick

Stir. Shake. Marry immediately & get a fetus in to bake!

Ashley is Blogalicious! said...


Now that I've given you my suggestions, will you please tell everyone else about that time you gave Diet Cokes to starving kids in Africa? I love that story. You are seriously the nicest!

rabidrunner said...

"My Husband's Future Job is Better Than Your Husband's Future Job."

Josh and Kim said...

I love "TAMN it" and "Merica rocks."

Actually I just heart everything. Make a shirt, and I will buy!

becki.campbell said...

I'm voting for "Prego my Eggo" or "Splenda for President!" I heart them:)

Amy Joy said...

Did you see the very serious looking judge checking out Mikey? She even gave a little smile when he bent over.

Amy Joy said...

Did you see the very serious looking judge checking out Mikey? She even gave a little smile when he bent over.

Amy Joy said...

Did you see the very serious looking judge checking out Mikey? She even gave a little smile when he bent over.

Lorie said...

Do you know the plan?

Chelle said...

I think "Tamn it" is hilarious but maybe we should add a little something like...
"Tamn it all to heck!"

Chelle said...

Sorry..."TAMN it all to heck!"

Suzie said...

What about a preggo shirt that says

"My Own Little Renesmee"

I would totally wear that.

Hizzeather said...

Ewwww Suzie! No you wouldn't! You are too funny!

TAMN, what are your & JJWT's mom's names? Because you should combine them and name your baby that.

Lobbie said...

What about a picture of a license-plate that says "Yield to The Princess"? And you totally need to make a BOY shirt that says "Vote me for EQ Prez!"

Rissa and Jared said...

TAMN '08
(like a presidential election shirt...something along those lines)

I liked pork salads, diet coke, cheesecake, Pal, The Plan, Merica, pedi's, stampin and FRO-YO before you!

Rissa and Jared said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ktmay said...

some of my all time TAMN fave quotes:::::::::::

frowning is a downer

Recycle? Why? The earth's gonna burn N-E-ways!!!

Smile! Being sad brings wrinkles...and Botox can only do so much

luv @ home

Check out my awesome pedi (with an arrow pointing down)

LOL (in a 13th article way, not spacious building)

Reggs said...

HA HA!!!

-I heart pawcorn.
- Nice Degree!
- GNO, serious tender mercies!
- Love you! but not like lezzies.
-TAMN & JJWT for RSP and EQP '08!

Christa said...

How bout:

BAAAAAAA!!!!! (I find I've been saying and doing that a lot lately.)

Seriously, Shrieking Out!!!!

Frowns Make My Heart Hurt

ali said...

I always wanted one that said

"Modest is Hottest"


"my fetus has 0 FP"

"meet my mom, and check out my FP"

Or maybe you can word that last one better

KathyD said...

It's all about ME! ME ME ME ME ME, because I am seriously, so blessed

KathyD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandy said...

Love all the are a few more:

"Guys HEART this"


"magnify your hotness"

"Primping is the BEST!"

"SO greatful for product, and prayer"

"Frills" (pronounced for reals)

"What, your hubby doesn't show his love through mustard!?? Oh."

"tOtalLy sHrIeKiNg oUt hErE!!"


"smokin’ hot (in an uplifting way)"

"I'm avoiding negativity
(you know, boring things like chapter books and scarry current events)"

"covet me and my JJWT"

and for a men's shirt...
"supportive studly stallion"

I also vote for the "I'm off Diet Coke" one. LOVE everyones ideas, i feel seroiusly so blessed to have this blog in my life. a dailiy "tender mercy".

Dave and Catherine said...

Mandy's are great!

Here's another one: "Spinstys make my heart hurt."

The Raybould Family said...

Amy Joy... totally noticed that short haired blond judge checking out Mikey. I LOLed and backed up the DVR so my husband could see.

Brooke said...

I am single and jealous. Therefore, I would like a the biggest T-shirt you can find in burnt sienna that says plainly: Spinsty

That is all.

WonderKitty said...

Those are all fantastic! I vote for all of them, and would wear them with pride!

MidCityGal said...

"Pearl Harbor is a downer."

But I'm also voting for

"Nice degree!"

Da Familia Familiaria said...

Support Mikey Phelps... Watch Thelympics

ali said...

"spinsty" is dang funny.

Also, you could do a baby shirt that says:

"Zero FP"

Sarah said...

"SO hot even a hairy spider couldn't resist! Dang!"

"High maintenance girls give me SUCH a ginormous headache."

"don't bet, it's practically porn"

Nancy said...

How about a tank top that says "Teaching by the pin and tuck example."!!!

Tammy said...

Edward would convert for me!

Natalie Barratt said...

I love them all! My suggestion:

"If i'm not scrappin' i'm stampin'"

Christa said...

Just one more. TAMN, since you're so cute and fun and spiritual and everyone wants to be like you cuz you're the skinny, married version of Oprah:

Do as I'm Doing!

shel7by said...

You guys decide and then i'll design them for you (it's what I do). It's the least I can do after all the laughter this blog brings me.

GladysIcanbee said...


Abbie said...

"Ask Me About Great Dills on Stamps/Candles/Modest Shirts"

Abbie said...

Crap, I got my vote in too late.

Hizzeather said...

Abbie, you're still a genius...that's a perfect idea! :)

V and Co. said...

how bout "my fetus is cuter than your fetus"

Shannon said...

Escape spinsty-dom now!