July 15, 2008

here ya go!!

Hey everybody!! Thanx for all your Q's...here come the A's!! It will take me a few to answer them all, but this is SUCH a darling way for us to get to know each other...well, for you to get to know me, but whatever.

Q: Which Prophet/Mormon/Pioneer ancestor will you name your baby after?

A: Ugh...none! Not to be rude, but what the BOAR-RING and OVERdone! We need something as unique as we are sooo I had the best idea EVER and compiled this list, we're gonna choose a syllable from each row, maybe even out of mason jars and then VOILA! Mixnmatch!

1: Ash/Jay/La/Ky/Hay
2: kay/la/l/br/d
: lin/ee/ly/en/

totally cute + totally fun = totally adorable!

Q: What's your calling in your ward and how do you make it awesome?
A: Ooh, fun question!! I'm the Mia Maid advisor and the love is seriously so everywhere. THEY HEART ME like cuh-razy because it's like, I barely just WAS them, and it is weird but cool for them because I'm young like them, AND I'm married! Love being a role model! Plus, sometimes we swap gawdy jewelry and semi-skanky boots. Also I help them do good at improving (setting meaningful personal goals, for example). Last week we made super tight shirts that say "Modest is hottest!" and this week they'll learn about service by making me a paper chain to countdown the days til my baby is born and covering each inch of each paper with adorable darling stamps...SO EXCITED! Only 272 days to go!!

Q: Are you going to have your baby naturally? Are you going to breastfeed?
Ew, you guys! Those are the grossest questions ever! Why do you have to be negative and disgusting about something as cute as my baby??! Blechy! I don't do pain and I definately don't do messy. Why worry about serious slash boring details like that when there are color swatches to find, quilts to make, floating blog fetuses to watch, pictures of my belly to take, alarmingly big headbands to buy??!

Q: Please describe your first kiss with JJWT in as much detail as possible.
A: Oh my swoon! Love that guy! This may be crazy I know, but we kissed before we ever held hands because holding hands is more special, but however our first smoochy was divine and happened just the way it was suppose to. Have you heard this song?

Literally, it was EXACTLY like that, only with a faux-hawk and WAY whiter teeth.

Q: What do you guys call it? Do you "have s-e-x"? Do you make love? Do you "lie together in the marital way"? Just curious.
A: Oh, you mean nuzzling?


Chelsea said...

I vote for either Ashkaylee or Haybryn. Those are both so ariginal and feminine!

Julie said...

If you need more help with naming your baby, this website might help.

The Raybould Family said...

Can I please have your definition on why holding hands is more personal than kissing? Where one is just skin touching skin an the other is swapping DNA. I guess I've never just heard why! I totally know you'd have the perfect explanation

Lyndsay said...

I am just sorry that you didn't involve your readers during your "trying" to get pregnant stage. I LOVE to hear all the details of the many attempts to get pregnant. I'm always on the edge of my seat each month to hear whether the tries were successful.
Oh well. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You're using my formula, and you're totally going to use the name I came up with on my own and am waiting to use for my first girl!
McAshbriLynn. Isn't it so totally cute? Well, I suppose you can use it too.
I want to have two girls,
McAshbriLynn and Jelessica
and two boys
Trench and Dreg.

Love ya!

Melissa said...

I vote for Lalalyn! It makes me smile when I say it... isn't that what a baby's name is supposed to do? Put a grin on your face?

Kerry said...

Since you think birth and breastmilk are gross and negative, you're in for a real treat when the baby comes! Cute!

IT'S SO COOL YOU CALL IT NUZZLING! We do too. Much more wholesome.

Adam and Kristina said...

I actually vote for Labryn. Sounds like a Book of Mormon character, and a classy one at that, and no one could possibly find a way to make fun of it, even though it sounds ever so slightly like a part of the female anatomy.

And I'm so glad you're teaching the Young Women of the world that modest is hottest. Have you seen some of the girls you go to BYU? How are they not excommunicated the second they step foot on campus, with their shorts that are 1 inch above the knee?

Anonymous said...

Two words: elective C-section! Aren't we blessed to live in this day in age? And once your precious little Haykayly makes her appearance, I just know that your mother/mother-in-law/sisters/BFFs/visiting teachers are ALL going to be dying to watch her for several hours every day so you can go get those manipedis (can't let yourself go during those critical first days after "giving birth,") so I'm sure they'll do great at getting your little angel used to the bottle!

Kerry said...

Wait, JJWT has a fo-hawk!?? But in your family sticker picture at the bottom he doesn't! Which is it? Did he used to have one when you shared True Love's Kiss and now he doesn't, or is the sticker blatantly inaccurate? CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE! I need to know what to imagine! What if I see you guys at Cafe Rio and don't even recognize you!??

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I call it afternoon delight!

rachael said...

Dammit! *I* want a paper chain, too!

Kerry said...

Aso, I like Jaybralyn! I hope you have a girl so bad!

cheri said...

You're making them make 272 little links on a paper chain, FOR YOU, to teach them service? Why didn't I think of that when I was in YW!?

Brittany said...

What will you do if you have a BOY? No enormous flower headbands, no dresses, no infant beauty pagents... Ugh! I won't even THINK that!! SAD!
Although... having twins is SO IN RIGHT NOW, so I guess it would be ok if you had a girl AND a boy. Pwr of positive thinking!!

charrette said...

Hey, if you cheat and choose one from Mason Jar #1 and three from Mason Jar #2 you could have a great boy's name: JaylBrd.

Andrew said...

I love your name ideas. But I think you should name your baby after mine and my wife's favorite Church leader of all time.


The beauty is that it works for either a boy or a girl. And it's cute as dumplings!

rachael said...

Ahh, Reagan the great church leader! Good point Andrew.

TAMN, i HAVE been dreaming of a True Love's Kiss! So stinkin' romantic! Just like Bella & Edward AND Deanna & Jesse AND you & JJWT. large sigh here.

Adam and Kristina said...

BTW, love the pic of your family at the bottom of the page. You're so freaking skinny! But your boobs look AMAZING in that bikini top. Congrats. Hopefully, they stay that way, after the baby and all. Thank goodness God gave us breast enhancement surgery!

kris said...

Hi, found you from the Trib today. Seriously, so funny!

I love shirts that are too tight with modesty slogans on them. What a good idea! :)

Natalie Barratt said...

They wrote about you in the Trib? Ewww. I can't believe you let them do that. Des News all the way!!!

LJ said...

Okay, whoever it was who came up with Trench and Dreg, I firmly salute you. Freakin' hilarious.

Andrew said...

Are you guys going to find out if it's a boy or a girl before s/he is born?

If so, will you wait to decorate the nursery until then?

I bet your totally ready to DECORATE the nursery totally cutely.

If it's a boy, you should totally paint little footballs and baseballs around the top of the walls. TOTES CUTE!

Mr. Belvedeere said...

maybe you could teach your mia maids more service by having them paint your nursery for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked my baby names! It's so TOTALLY weird...because I just found your blog like a week ago and even subscribed, and then, you like, liked my comment on this blog... which totally shows that TAMN (love ya!) was SERIOUSLY, SO inspired to start this BLOG, because not only do we get to be HER friend, but we also get to find all kinds of awesome kindred-spirit BBFFs! (B-Blogging-FFs).

Omgirl said...

I'm sorry to inform you that I've already used LaKaylin and Jaybree for my daughters, so you'll have to pick something else if you really want to be unique. Thanks!

SF said...

Q: Are you going to have your baby naturally? Are you going to breastfeed?
Ew, you guys! Those are the grossest questions ever! Why do you have to be negative and disgusting about something as cute as my baby??!

d.i.t.t.o.! LOL!

hagna said...

Tight Shirts that say modest is hottest are not modest. You might be sending the mia maids the wrong message.

Suzy said...

An actual facebook conversation

Girl 1:
omg. those pictures you tagged are so UG but funny.. lol. I was laughing but at the same time I was like "how the freak did I let myself get that fat?... and pasty.?" cheers.

Girl 2:
ew whatever. i was the fat one.....

Girl 1:
you know, I always think that you are the only one who understands how fat i feel sometimes. because other people would just be like "omg, whatev, you are skinny." ... lol, but only other skinny ones can understand how huge 110lbs feels. :)

Girl 2:
hahaha so true.....

ali said...

I think you should combine half of your name and half of JJWT's name for your baby. Or just use your maiden name as a first name. That's totally what we did and our kids are WAY AWESOMER because of it!!!!

Suzie said...

What is nuzzling?? My HUBS and I just sleep in separate twin beds....like Lucy & Desi!!

Lori said...
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