May 15, 2009


so I want to take time today to tell you that thanx to my tiredless efforts we comprimised and are now going on both of the cruise and the yawner sr citizen field trip {no offense, just being honest when I say it's lame and only boring people like it, I mean it's fine if you're boring, that's you're choice, I'm not judging}.

And plus I want to also tell you how I've been
crying and crying and crying thinking
about leaving this wonderful place and saying good-bye to all my memories here to raise the twins {for 2 mos} alone in the mission filled, and

I also want to tell you about all the cute, super unique hair crap I've been finding on etsy for Alivyiah, and seriously I can't wait to tell you about where were going to be living in DC {{squeeeeeeeeeee!!}} but there is seriously zero time for any of that considering that ...

okay, i want to respect me and my hot hobby's privacies so I won't give any deets and I seriously hate TMI bc it's soooo akward, but I'll just say I'm way to busy



{comments off bc I'm wayyyyyy shy about everyone knowing I'm jumping Angelbabe, sooo embarassing I can't believe I dared blog that}